[MEETUP] Café Humaniste: A Humanist Future – Sunday – 8 August 2021

Café Humaniste: A Humanist Future3pm (Manila Time) - Sunday8 August 2021ZOOMRSVP on Facebook With everything going on in the present, we thought...

Lab Letters Issue #12: Soft Robots, Super Rice, and a Wet Towel in Space

It's that time again - the time for your weekly science updates. This is Lab Letters. Let's go!

Curiosity Speaks

Hello, my name is Curiosity. I am the rover of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) program. I know I am animate only in the broadest sense and that my artificial intelligence is comparable to that of a fly, but allow me this conceit of having conscious thought, if only to tell the story of my mission in Mars. It is, after all, also the story of my cousins, Spirit andOpportunity. It is also the story of Mars. Ultimately, it is also the story of life on Earth. My story is your story, too.

Walking Through Our Solar System

How far are the planets with respect to each other?

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