Sass Rogando Sasot

A student of Global Justice/International Development/World Politics at the international honours college of Leiden University in The Hague, Netherlands.

CBCP vs US Embassy

There is something raising the moral highbrow of Fr. Melvin Castro, executive director of CBCP's Family and Life Commission. The United States...

Against Empire: The Celdran Revolt

Celdran’s political protest challenges the hegemony of the Catholic Church, while his case tests the independence of the judiciary from the...

Memo to God

To:          God (in all your names and guises, throughout the history of humanity) Cc:          Your prophets, dead or alive From:   Your alleged creation Date:    ...

How Senator Tito Sotto Misused Barbara Seaman’s Book

Senator Tito Sotto: Dishonest, Deceptive, and Intellectually Lazy (Part 2) In Part 1, we have learned how the theme of The Greatest...

Senator Tito Sotto: Dishonest, Deceptive, and Intellectually Lazy (Part 1)

According to one of the greatest senators of our republic, the “Filipino people are worth dying for”, aren’t they worth properly citing, reliably researching, and thoroughly analysing for?

God is Not a Fundamentalist: He laughs when proven wrong

Let’s say you're having a conversation with someone. Perhaps with a friend who has a different perspective from yours. As a...

An Open Letter to Miriam Quiambao: Let’s defend every word in the Bible!

The word of God is the word of God. Those who believe in God shouldn't doubt the Bible: each word in the Bible, each punctuation mark, each syllable was written by the owner and creator of the universe, period. I love your zealous and unwavering faith that everything that the Bible says is true and that we should follow it.

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