Ron de Vera

I Chose to Be Gay

Yes, I chose to be gay. Now before you accuse me of ignorance or political incorrectness, and lecture me on how...

A Thank You Letter for Tintin and Camille

I hope you are aware of what you've done. Are you? Let me tell you.

On Gay Labels and Gay Memories

“The mass of steel started to crawl away from the train station. The smell of rust was drowned out by a...

Men in Uniform, the Fantasy and the Reality

Inquirer's article on gays enrolling in the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) shows us that although LGBT activism has gained traction in the fight for equality, there is still a long way to go.

Sticks, Stones, and Broken Bones

I am writing this in response to the question “Are there limits to the right to freedom of expression? Explain your answer and, if your answer is yes, define the limits.” This essay is meant to generate discussion so please share your thoughts.

Why Miriam Quiambao Will Continue to be Ms. Universe in My Eyes

This whole fuss just reinforced my original belief that beauty pageants should just be abolished in the first place.

An Open Letter to Miriam Quiambao (1999 Ms. Universe Runner-Up)

Dear Miriam, Warm greetings to a lovely woman! I have been a big fan ever since you placed first runner up in...

Ten Commonly Used Fallacies Against LGBT Rights Activists

I present to you ten commonly used fallacies and what to do when they are used against you in logical debate.

13 Comments that Put dboncan in My LGBT Spotlight

Let me be transparent with you. My objective for taking time and responding to you today is, at the most, to turn you into an ally, and at the least, to change some of your perceptions by giving you needed information.

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