Why the RH Bill is bad: The Real Truth behind the Supposed Truth about the RH Bill

I used to support the RH Bill. I no longer do. By the end of this document, neither would you. I have not supported the RH Bill since I attended a lecture in Megamall about the truth behind it. That lecture truly enlightened me. My only hope is that this holy light of enlightenment passes through your monitor screen, into your optical nerves, and into your heart so it can touch your soul (because the soul is in the heart). My intent here is not to antagonize Pro-RH people, but to enlighten – so listen up, you narrow-minded morons. Open your minds to the real truth…

The RH Bill will put Filipinos at risk of extinction, because, at its very core, the RH Bill is an extension of a secret, global conspiracy – a western attempt – to implement principles of eugenics on unsuspecting, inferior populations in order to exclude them from the human evolutionary process, at the end of which would, at the apex, summon forth THE MASTER RACE. Anyone who failed to see this after the lecture is ignorant. I advise him or her to do his or her research, better yet, do some soul-searching to discover the real truth, because the truth is in our hearts, we just have to listen to it.

Initially, my layman’s interpretation of the RH Bill led me to think that it was just a bill meant to help educate the uninformed about ways to prevent them from fornicating their way to a very bad financial situation. My ignorant mind devised 10 simple points as to why the RH Bill was right.

I thought:

1. The minimum wage – the lowest an employer can pay an employee – of a non-agricultural Filipino worker is P404.

2. If there were 20 working days in a month (because most people don’t work on the weekend), the average minimum-wage-earning Filipino would earn around P8,000 a month.

3. Let’s call that person, Joey. If Joey, like other human beings, ate food on a regular basis, he will spend around P70/day on food (and that’s a very, very conservative assumption). There are 30 days in a month, so I guess, that would amount to P2,100 a month.

4. But if Joey had a wife that he loved, he might want to feed her too. Feeding her would cost another P2,100 a month.

5. P8,000 – P4,200 = P3,800

6. If Joey and his wife rented a home, or used electricity and bathed from time to time, the amount left from Joey’s salary would be significantly reduced. Let’s say their utility bills and rent amounted to P1800.

7. P3,800 – P1800 = P2,000

8. P2,000 is a lot of money, but I don’t think Joey and his wife should have more than 3 children, right? I mean, I don’t have children, but just by looking at one, I can safely assume that they cost more than P1,000/month. Babies need milk, diapers, toys, immunity injections, baby medicine…

9. From this I deduced that babies cost money. If babies cost money, I theorized that having more babies would cost more money. And from this data, I observed that a person who spent a lot of money on children, but didn’t earn a lot of money, would soon be broke and unable to provide for both himself and his children. Another word for this broke situation is poverty.

10. I theorized that a person can avoid being poor by making less babies. So, I thought that steps should be taken to inform people about this very little known fact. I also thought that the government should make contraceptives accessible so that people who don’t earn a lot can properly manage the little resources that they have. That’s why I supported the RH Bill.

But now I know that I was wrong. And here are some of the reasons why I know that. By the way, before I continue, I must say that this is the truth, guys. In fact, it’s more than the truth. It’s the Catholic truth, which means that it’s truer and more true than the regular truth.

I know that the issue of the RH Bill is not a religious issue, but make sure you pay attention if you want your soul to be saved. Here are some of the things I learned from the lecture I learned:


“The RH Bill is wrong because it assumes that the Philippines is overpopulated.”

I agree. I, myself, have observed that the Philippine is NOT overpopulated. In fact, if you use your common sense and think about it, you will realize a few things:

1. We are not overpopulated! Look at the mountains, the jungles, the caves and the ocean floor. There are no people there!

2. If we were really overpopulated, we would have trouble travelling. But if you go to EDSA, there’s no traffic. When you ride the MRT, it’s not packed with people.

3. Students in public schools are well educated because the teacher to student ratio is very low. In fact, because of our low population the government can basically guarantee that all public school students are provided books, notebooks and other school supplies.



“The RH Bill is wrong because it assumes that contraceptives are good for mankind and women.”

1. I agree, the RH Bill is not good for women because it might draw a woman away from her one, true, universal purpose – the uninterrupted production of healthy babies.

2. Furthermore, the role of women in society and the universe is to make babies. That’s why God made women. That’s their sole purpose in life. They’re not good for anything else. Ever wonder why there are no women in the clergy? Because they’re not good enough.

3. Contraceptives would allow women to enjoy the benefits of physical intimacy while maintaining a successful and productive career, if she so chooses. That is so wrong. Only men should be able to enjoy that privilege.

4. Women should get pregnant every single time they have sex and only immoral women enjoy sex without the possibility of conception. In fact, a better alternative would be for women, in general, to follow the example made by Mother Mary – to learn how to conceive without having sex.



“The RH bill will put Filipinos at risk of extinction!”

1. I agree. If we pass the RH bill, we will become extinct, like dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are all dead. If we don’t want to be extinct, we should not pass the RH Bill. I mean, do you really want to be a dinosaur?

2. In my opinion, it wouldn’t even be far-fetched to speculate that the most probable reason the dinosaurs became extinct was because they used contraceptives.

3. Population decline is just bad for nations. Just look at the countries which have a declining population – Italy, Japan and Singapore. They’re in such a bad shape. The Philippines obviously has a better economy and has a higher literacy rate than these countries. In fact, many Italians, Japanese, and Singaporeans go to the Philippines for work. That only goes to show that a decline in population is bad for the economy.



“Our population is our biggest asset!”

1.  In my opinion, people should make as many babies as they can because the population is not a problem. In fact, the more babies a person has, the more assets he has. Forget real estate properties, stock investments, or Jollibee franchises. The real secret to increased wealth is babies.

2. If you have 15 babies, you’re practically wealthy because babies are assets:

2.1 If you need money, you can sell them.

2.2 If you can keep them alive until they can walk, they can one day beg for money in the streets – they’re going to have to anyway because there’s no way in hell you’ll be able to provide for all of them on your own.

3. If ever a person is not able to feed the 15 babies he made, it’s the governments fault, because it’s the governments sole responsibility to make sure that every Filipino baby is fed.

4. The best way a person can contribute to his country is to contribute to its population.


“The RH Bill is wrong because it assumes that reproductive education and contraceptives will effectively reduce cases of abortion.”

1. Reproductive/contraceptive education will have no effect on the number of abortion cases. In my opinion, these abortion cases will not lessen because women will continue to have abortions regardless of whether they are pregnant or not.

2. Abortions cannot be prevented. It’s just something that women naturally do. Like shopping, for example.


“The RH Bill is wrong because it will make people participate in extra-marital and pre-marital sex.

1. By approving the RH Bill, we as a nation, are practically encouraging our people to engage in immoral activities.

2. We must protect our moral values and reject the RH Bill. Because, currently, not a single Filipino engages in pre-marital sex or extra-marital sex. As soon as this bill is approved, Filipino people will run the streets naked and start a national orgy!

3. The root cause of extra-marital and pre-marital sex is one’s exposure to contraceptives. There is just something in contraceptives that people find very arousing.

4. In Western countries, men lure strange women into bed by showing them condoms.

5. If we ban condoms, absolutely no one would engage in pre-marital or extra-marital sex.


“The RH Bill is wrong because it assumes that parents don’t teach their children about sex.”

1. The truth is that parents talk to their children about sex all the time. It’s so not awkward. The dad usually tells his children how he takes off all his clothes, does a sexy Tiger growl and makes sweet, sweet music with their mother’s body.

2. Also, a father usually advises his daughter that if she’s going to have sex with her boyfriend, she should use a condom. Sometimes the father even drives the daughter to the boyfriend’s house and waits for the couple to finish.

3. Filipino daughters don’t have sex without the father’s permission. Unwanted pregnancies or teen pregnancies never happen to Filipino girls. That’s why we do not need the RH Bill.


“The RH Bill is a conspiracy.”

1. It’s lies, all lies!


“The RH Bill is wrong because the priest said so, and priests are never wrong.”

The biggest reason why we should not pass the RH Bill is because the priests told us that we shouldn’t. As anyone should know, priests, men of the clergy, should be the authority on sexual and reproductive matters because they have the most knowledge and experience with sex and reproduction. They are true sexperts – legendary masters of erotic affairs. If you are a real Catholic, you would do everything they say, because they’re always right.


  1. Either the author used reverse psychology to promote RH bill since the justifications of his arguments are obviously not practical, or he is just a moron. I think my first theory is more plausible. “Here-here” for creating an unorthodox manner of saying “yes” to RH bill, if that’s what you did. If not, then you are just naive and retarded.

  2. I agree about the RH Bill, but I do not agree with the Abortion. This is my opinion.

    You said we’re not overpopulated?

    1. We are not overpopulated! Look at the mountains, the jungles, the caves and the ocean floor. There are no people there!

    Okay, you want to cut down the trees in the jungles and suck the water out of the ocean? Wow. It makes real sense. All I can do here is be sarcastic.

    And the kids?

    2.1 If you need money, you can sell them.

    Yeah, when I have kids and I won’t have money, I’ll sell them.

    Think about this, if that parent was you, would you sell your child just to earn a living? Could you be more… I don’t know, heartless?

    I’m a high school student and I am writing about the RH Bill in the editorial section, this didn’t help at all. I’m sorry, but that’s my point of view.

  3. as of now I still have no stand ’bout RH bill. I’m a roman catholic that is why I am against using contraceptives, abortion and immorality like having sex any time you want. Yet at the same time i am also thinking what would be best to do to save more future children from poverty and be forced to do crimes just to have something to eat.

    Hayyyy! dapat yung mga corrupt na politician ang pagtuunan ng pansin at baguhin ang ating POLITICAL SYSTEM so that we don’t have to choose between doing what is right and what is best.

  4. you have sense out there but hey!!!!

    your going nuts!!!!

    men, I could’t help laughing and i’m going crazy here. Gosh I couldn’t believe that someone like you is really existing. And to think that you are a Filipino?!

    Take a rest and sleep well.

  5. Does anybody have a copy of the Bill?
    Before you become anti or supporters read the rh bill itself.
    I am pro family planning but can’t say I’m pro rh bill. I haven’t seen it yet

  6. I was reading seriously with an open-mind about this matter. . Pro RH aq. . And I am just wondering kung ano ang stand ng mga anti. . Nabwisit aq tlga s p0int ng author. . Pero napaisip ako. . SERYOSO BA SIYA? tska ko lng narealize. . .

    Lalo akong naging Pro-RH. .

    Hahahaha. . Galing ng author. .

    Nka2refresh ung humor and sarcism nya. . Sana madami pang mga ganitong p0st. .

  7. the writer is a genius! nung nabasa ko tho tawang tawa ako sobra! nakakaawa ang mga taong nagalit dahil dito! hahaha guys have you ever heard the word “sarcasm”? hahaha please people learn to be logical! READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!! to the author I salute you!! your A genius!

  8. EVERYONE, look at the category of this article. HUMOR. It is a satire. At first I thought it’s too long to be one because why would anyone bother to write such a long one if he’s not serious. Well played, Dustin Celestino. Well played.

  9. Maybe we are not overpopulated, YET!

    Aantayin pa ba dapat na maging overpopulated ang bansa bago gumawa ng aksyon? at kung magkanon man, anong aksyon? kill those people that are not productive? aba’y mas immoral naman yun, katulad ng pagbebenta ng anak at pagiging iresponsableng magulang para hayaan ang anak na mamalimos lamang sa murang edad. napakadelikado nun. tungkol naman dun sa jungle, mountains, and seabed, kung sakaling maging overpopulated man tayo, dapat ang tumira dun yung mga naging iresponsable na naging dahilan para lumobo ang populasyon. and i think isa ka na sa mga yun. try mo kayang mabuhay ng walang kagubatan, kabundukan, and tubig, yan ang mangyayari kung pati ang pinagkukunan natin ng ikabubuhay.

    Women having the sole purpose of reproducing and being not good for anything else except that. Kuya, ganyan ba kababa ang tingin mo sa mga babae, ganyan ba kababa ang tingin ng speaker dun sa lecture? bakit lalaki ba ang nagalaga sa inyo nung mga bata pa kayo? lalaki ba ang nagdala sayo sa loob ng syam na buwan at nagaalaga sayo hanggang ngayon? kung nakapikit ka man, sana naman magmulat ka na. at sana sa pagmulat mo, hindi lang mata mo, kundi pati ang iyong isipan. Naaawa ako sa kamangmangan mo.

    • parehas tayo.. there are really statements here na nagpapatunay lamang ang pagiging self- centered ng author :

      1st statement: “I, myself, have observed that the Philippine is NOT overpopulated” –> hindi pa nga tayo overpopulated, pero bakit? a-aksyon ka lang ba kapag darating na ang oras? It just makes me think ” its better to prevent than cure ” is not a persuasive statement.

      2nd statement: We are not overpopulated! Look at the mountains, the jungles, the caves and the ocean floor. There are no people there!”

      — > bakit? may titira pa ba sa mga caves and ocean floor? jungles and mountains? of course, sa plains tayo maninirahan !! doon ang center ng urbanization noh ! nagiging pilosopo lang ang statement na ito.

  10. we are free country, we can say anything that we want. and we have a freedom to be pro or anti about this present issue. i myself is anti about this issue i can’t explain why but i think maybe of being a filipino catholic, i think this is my reason why i don’t support this rh bill.

  11. it seems to be saying that, we must create more people until the jungle and any other spaces created for other living things to be occupied by humans.

  12. I think the reason why people took this seriously is because they were reading this with seriousness. I actually fell for this. I thought it was true when I rethought about some points here like some impossible things like living under the seabed, to name the least. Then I received information saying this is actually satirical. Then I laughed it out loud, mainly because I took this too seriously without thinking the possibility of someone being just sarcastic.

  13. You know what sir? I do respect your point on RH bill, but please . . Do you really think that pro-RH bill will be enlightened with ur article??? well, as for me, it did enlightened me to SUPPORT more the RH bill. . . Thinking of selling your child or let them beg for money or food in the streets . . .GOSH!!!! is that what morality means to u??? I'd like to comment more but i guess i dont have much time for this . . . Still, thank you for having this article on the net . . .

  14. Sarcasm AND humor! Love it! Too bad the Internet doesn’t give tone of voice.

    Anyway, I am in favor of the RH bill, but we are NOT OVERPOPULATED. Just go to overpopulationisamyth.com

    Why then am I in favor of the RH bill if we’re not overpopulated? Same reason why properly populated countries allow contraceptives. Wait a minute. Contraceptives are legal in the Phils…hmmm…

    Scratch that.

    Same reason why properly populated countries have reproductive health stuff! Just let people have sex and not be open to procreation. Let em fuck if they want. Why should it be anything more than something between them, their partner/s and their God/s (if any) ? Why would it be a government priority to make sure that people have sex only in the context of marriage? Or only to procreate? And if rich people get to enjoy sex, then so should the poor. Sex, like food, is a need. So we subsidize for them! Of course abortion is out of the question. Damn Americans.

  15. i lyk the presntati0n of th0ughts. the writer g0t me w0rd by w0rd. f the the artcle is funny, i find the c0mments hilari0us.!

  16. this is a good one. indeed, the Church' or the so-called pro-lifers' arguments have become so absurd, fantastic, repetitive and nauseating that it's hopeless to reason with them except by way of sarcasm. more power!

  17. Lots of butthurt people… hmmm..

    You guys ever heard of Sarcasm? try googling it and also, try reading between the lines next time before over-reacting lol.

  18. I was reading opinions for my paper about RH, so i searched online, and i was looking for reasons why maybe i should think otherwise about being a pro, yknow just to balance out what i was gonna say pa for my paper. like really knowing the deets about the bill before i voice my opinion…

    anywaaaay, youuu!!! dude! high-five! HAHA!!! i was like, taga Pilipinas ba ‘tong taong toh? Okay lang ba sya? lol!!

    buuut unfortunately, not everyone got your sarcasm. TSKKK. bummer.



    yun lang.

  19. As anyone should know, PRIESTS, men of the clergy, should be the authority on sexual and reproductive matters because THEY HAVE THE MOST KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE WITH SEX and REPRODUCTION. They are TRUE SEXPERTS – LEGENDARY MASTERS of EROTIC AFFAIRS.!!!!!




    Note: Wala pa silang asawa nyan, ah,. how immoral!!!! hahahaha XD

  20. "1. We are not overpopulated! Look at the mountains, the jungles, the caves and the ocean floor. There are no people there!"

    *So you're saying we should ALL occupy what's left of our environment?

    "1. I agree. If we pass the RH bill, we will become extinct, like dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are all dead. If we don’t want to be extinct, we should not pass the RH Bill. I mean, do you really want to be a dinosaur?"

    *Who in their right mind said about us becoming [like] dinosaurs? They never said anything about using the birth-control condoms/pills ALL the time either.

    The Philippines isn't OVERpopulated (yet), but it is getting there. The reason why the RH Bill exists is so that some people especially irresponsible teenagers who think having sex is cool won't get into accidents that leads them (unless they're lucky) to dropping out of school, to becoming jobless and end up living in the streets, hence why we're having homeless people literally everywhere and having the "Squaters" just around every corner you see.

    The RH Bill is not letting us end up like the dinosaurs, but to at least slow down or lessen the population growth and give more time for the economy to rise up slowly.

    At least that's what I think. I don't know about you, but I'm sticking to my opinion.

  21. come on! our population is growing! it would have been better if lands grow bigger each month too!

    “The RH Bill is wrong because the priest said so, and priests are never wrong.” — are you sure? they’re not God, they’re not perfect.. they can be wrong too.

  22. It’s hilarious how a majority of the commenters don’t get the sarcasm then try to sound smart while arguing. Hahah

  23. try mo manood ng mga documentaries…makikita mo kung gano kahirap ang bansa natin! teacher to student ratio is very low?.?

    duh….. alam mo bang may pinagsasamang grade sa isang classroom na iisa lang ang guro…

    i just waste my time..

    hayzst!mamulat ka nga!naghihirap na nag pinas

  24. hindi ko sinasabi na tama ka at hindi ko din naman sinasabi na tama ako pero dun sa “We are not overpopulated! Look at the mountains, the jungles, the caves and the ocean floor. There are no people there!” if you would read between the lines wala ngang nakatira jan sa mga sinabi mo but jan naman galing ang mga resources na ikinabubuhay ng tao. our essential needs are coming from the environment. Hindi ka ata nanonood ng balita..sa ibang lugar meron sa Pilipinas meron ng shortage ng water, sa mga mountains at jungles nmn na sinasabi mo kung magreresearch ka kalbo na ang ilan sa mga yan, sa mga caves naman galing ang ibang non renewable resources, ang ocean floor wala ng corals, sira na ang iba, yung iba kinukuha ng tao para ibenta para may kainin, pag walang corals wala tirahan ang mga isda, in short wala din kakainin ang mga tao na ang kabuhayan ay nanggaling sa dagat..We are overpopulated period.

  25. If God exists
    if the God of the Bible is the true God and if the Bible is truly His Word
    if the God of the Bible is who He claims He is — a God of love who wants to save the youth and all humanity from corruption —
    those who support the RH Bill are the ones who are anti-youth, anti-women, and anti-humanity
    the RH bill promotes (not actually the direct and only cause of) premarital sex and extra-marital sex
    the God of the Bible condemns them. (Hebrews 13:4, Exodus 20:14)

    The RH Bill promotes premarital and extra-marital sex —
    si Merriam Santiago mismo ang nagsabi sa mga college students na kung hindi na makapagpigil pa, why not have sex and use condoms

    Distributing condoms for free might help make some people aware of not having children they can't support.
    But it also destroys the innocence of children.

    May be we'll have a win-win situation if the "10 simple points as to why the RH Bill was right" above will be taught to parents and would-be parents and not to distribute condoms for free.

  26. If God exists


    if the God of the Bible is the true God and if the Bible is truly His Word


    if the God of the Bible is who He claims He is — a God of love who wants to save the all humanity from corruption —


    those who support the RH Bill are the ones who are anti-youth, anti-women, and anti-humanity


    the RH bill promotes (not actually the direct cause of) premarital sex and extra-marital sex


    the God of the Bible condemns them. (Hebrews 13:4, Exodus 20:14)

    (si Sen Merriam Santiago mismo ang nagsabi sa mga college students na kung hindi na makapagpigil pa, why not have sex and use condoms)

    Distributing condoms for free might make the some parents aware of not having children they can’t support.

    But it will also destroy the innocence of many children.

    Maybe we’ll have a win-win situation if the “10 simple points as to why the RH Bill was right” above will be taught to parents and not to distribute condoms for free to anyone.

  27. Obviously, you don’t know what you are talking about..un lang! Kasi kung alam mo ang sinasabi mo, you’ll not be mentioning about selling of babies just to have an income..kilabutan ka sa mga sinasabi mo..I hope you’re not from the religious sector..sinali mo sa si Mama Mary sa kalokohan mo

  28. POTANG INA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anong sole purpose in life is to make babies? yun ba tingin mo sa nanay mo gonggong? yun ba tingin mo sa gf mo gonggong? yun ba tingin mo sa mga kapatid mo gonggong?

    fuck the Catholic church they don’t make sense!!!

    • kung wala kang masabing magandang better to shut up your BBBIIIIGGG MMMMOOOUUUUTTTHHHH. kilabutan ka sana sa pagkondena mo.. sana hindi ka MAKONDENA NG MGA SINABI MO.. AMEN

  29. Get real Man! Are you living in fantasy? Look around you and open your eyes to the thruth. Poverty is getting worse and worse in Pinas.

  30. “When you ride the MRT, it’s not packed with people.” -SERYOSO KA? NAKASAKAY KA NA BA NG MRT/LRT?? NAKATAPAK KA NA BA SA MAYNILA??

  31. To think that I actually wasted my time reading this crap. I can’t take all your sexist comments. You sir, did nothing but ruin my view of this Bill that people should take seriously.

      • dustin celestino..author of this bullshit..did anyone ever tell you how stupid you are?perhaps if RH bill had been passed years before you are born then we would have 1 stupid person in this world

        • I think you mean “one less stupid person in this world,” and that person is you for not understanding satire.

  32. I hope there were valid and reputable studies about this arguments. I hope these were verified and reverified objectively and without bias against or for any parties that may be pro or against the Bill. Nevertheless, I am still very positive that this will be resolved in short time. Whatever it may turn, I respect what the majority of the Filipinos believed. God Bless to all of us. Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!!!!

    • Sana ang naging rason na lng nagpagoppose ay tungkol sa koneksyon ng population sa economic development. According to Nobel Prize winner Simon Kuznets, there is “no clear association appears to exist in the present sample of countries, or is likely to exist in other developed countries, between rates of growth of population and of product per capita.”. Julian Simon noted a comparison between countries with the same birth rate but with different economics standing. North and South Korea has almost the same population growth rate. Hindi naman siguro eksaktong eksakto pero comparable naman siguro na similar and dalawang growth rate nito. Evidently, the south is more progressive than the north alam naman natin yan. Nangangahulugan daw, walang kinalaman ang booming of population sa economic development. Simon added that it was due to different governance factors that affect the discrepancy among the Korean countries.Yung pamamalakad daw ng gobyerno amg may direct impact sa pagpapalago ng ekonomiya ng isang bansa at hindi and populasyon nito.

      De Vera states that from the 60’s to the 2000, the population of the Philippines has been tripled however the poverty rate decreases from 59% to 34%. This is I think a good example of what I am trying to say in the above article that population has no direct impact on the status of the country.

      However, ito palang yung nalalaman ko. HIndi ko pa na aasses yung ibang factors affecting the Bill.

      (majority of the info came from wikipedia.. tnx)

  33. This sarcasm is funny not because it was meant to be but because it reeks of childish over-simplifacation. I can’t even begin to tackle such a Juvenile piece of work. Perhaps soon i will in another venue, as I have the works of Red Tani, which until now go unanswered.

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