Posting Guidelines

TheFaulknerPortable (Medium)
image by Gary Bridgman

Here are a few guidelines for posting:

  1. Revise and proofread. Use the built-in Word spell- and grammar-check functions. Or try this free online tool.
  2. Add a picture. Don’t link to an image. Upload one and insert it into your post.
  3. Categorize and tag. Be frugal with categories, but go wild with tags. Do not create new categories. You can create new tags, but be sure there isn’t a close enough equivalent — use the Choose from the most used tags in Post Tags link, or wait for auto-complete to suggest possible tags.

Follow them and we’ll feature you on the that slide thing on the home page. But more importantly, readers will enjoy your stuff even more. (Ok, the picture on the slide thing is actually more important. It really looks bad when the post doesn’t have a picture, plus you can’t click on them to go to the post.)

P.S. We are working on a better review process, but for now, these guidelines will do. And thanks to our prolific authors for making it worth the effort to post about posting guidelines 😉


  1. @Justin and John: you're welcome, and i'm sure lalong gaganda post nyo pag may pic 🙂

    @Satephine: Initials ko kasi (Ryan Emmanuel dela Dingco) 🙂
    Made you an author, so you can now modify your drafts. And we really appreciate poetry and other artistic posts. Baka akalain ng mga readers natin puro tayo Reasonbots.

  2. hello Ryan Tani or "Red" ^_^
    (why is your nickname "red"? it sounds cool)

    can I still modify/add pictures to the stuff that I already submitted that are not yet posted?

    actually i don't know if they are really worthy to be posted hehe (they're just poems)

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