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Today I Will Justify My Sexism Using God

While we write a lot about the shitty things the Catholic hierarchy tries to impose on people because of their particular interpretation of God, that’s not to say that other sects of Christianity are not busy trying to get humans to be horrible to each other because bible bible bible bible.

Take this example of a campus minister associated with Victory Christian Fellowship, Joppet Tan, who posted this casually sexist idea on his Facebook account in response to seeing an advertisement on a train.

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Joppet Tan thinks that because God God bible bible God bible God, women should be powerless when it comes to initiating relationships going so far as to admonish women with, “God designed you to be pursued”.

This kind of thinking, that women are “different” (lesser) from men when it comes to relationships is a prevalent one in this strain of Christianity. These are the ideas that this minister is trying to get his flock to accept.

This is the fucking backwards ass “get-back-in-the-kitchen-woman” kind of idea that needs to be fought vigorously to put all genders on an equal footing. And yet here in 2013 we have a pastor trying to wrap this monumentally shitty idea, that women are lesser than men, in a religious veneer to try to get people to accept it.

Joppet Tan, it says something horrible about your God when you say that He explicitly made women to be objects of pursuit for men while denying women the right to do the same to men.

It reveals something vile about your views of women when you think that their pursuit of men would mean they’d be stuck chasing men for the rest of their life. Or it shows how little you think of men that you think they can’t accept being pursued by a woman.

And if you’re so blinded by faith that you’re even unable to accept a different gender role for women in a heterosexual relationship, I can’t even imagine you would consider the idea of women pursuing other women.

Joppet Tan’s Facebook post has quite rightly received a backlash for pushing this idea, but did he learn anything from all of the replies he received?


Nope. Of course he’s a martyr. So the lesson here folks is that if you want to justify your shitty behaviour WHILE protecting it from criticism, use the bible bible God God bible God.

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