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Lying for a Cause

A video entitled “RH BILL – Filipinos For Life Oppose the RH Bill!” uploaded by on YouTube made a hilarious mistake about a contraceptive method (or so I thought at first). The video claimed:

In 1974, Henry Kissinger and the United States saw the need to curb the population of 13 developing countries including ours. Planned Parenthood and UNFPA went to these countries and in exchange for foreign aid… sterilizations, condoms, intrauterine device and oral contraceptives.

With the word “sterilizations“, the video showed a picture of kids in line and a young girl screaming and being given an injection (see screen capture below).

A young girl forcibly sterilized to curb population growth—who would not be furious at this scene? Except that a minimal effort at research will show that sterilizations in family planning refer to tubal ligation for women and vasectomy for men, done through surgical procedures and not through injections.

Where did the photo come from? How can this anti-RH group make such a silly mistake? With the obvious guess that the photo is about vaccination for kids, I found the source of the photo with a single Google image search.

After seeing that the source of the photo has the word “vaccination” in the article’s headline, I have to retract my initial “silly mistake” reaction. The group behind the video wants to shock and anger its audience into an anti-RH position, and simply lied to further its cause. Now let’s wait and see if they will change their video and stick to speaking the truth.

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