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Two Hands Working – DSWD

By now you’ve probably already read the blog post making rounds online about the tons of relief goods gathering molds over at the DSWD warehouse. Hundred of Filipinos in evacuation centers still wait for the millions in international aid to trickle down to them, but this is the Philippines we live in, hardly anything ever trickles down to those who need them. In times like these it’s quite easy to accuse government departments like the DSWD of being greedy and corrupt, of hoarding all the good “imported” relief goods in warehouses, but we have to give them the benefit of the doubt once in a while. Not everyone who doesn’t do their job is corrupt, after all. Sometimes, people are just incompetent. Read the full story

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Twelve Hands Working

Two Hands Working, Day Two

Day 2 of Two Hands Working – Filipino Freethinkers for Flooded Filipinos has ended, and we are a happy bunch. From the Church of the Risen Lord to Madasalin Street, we answered the prayers of those who asked for more volunteers or cans of corned beef. Well, some of the prayers at least. The others didn’t pray hard enough.

Thanks to the success of this weekend, Two Hands Working is now an official Social Action project of the FF. We’re working on how to better utilize our resources for more efficient volunteer work, we’re looking into possible donations of books to devastated school libraries, and we’re brainstorming for ideas on how to promote action over dependence on prayer. If you have any suggestions for potential activities for the project, if you would like to take a more active role in the group, or if you have any books (esp children’s books) or school supplies you’d like to donate, contact me through frank AT filipinofreethinkers DOT org.

Thanks to everyone who came over the weekend — Justin who walked through mud, master packers Red, Tin, Tania, Igme and John, and to everyone who put their two hands to work in their own way. Days 3, 4, 5, etc.. begin every time you hear the phrase “Prayer is the best option”. Because we know better.


How many prayers does it take to change a light bulb?

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Two Hands Working – FFFFF Day 2

I’m exhausted from Day 1, so I’ll keep this short. Plans for Day 2:

Where: Church of the Risen Lord, UP Diliman
Meeting Place: McDonald’s Katipunan (in front of Ateneo)
Meeting Time: 9am (Sunday, October 4)

Breakfast, then UP. If you arrive late, text Red, Tania or I, we might have moved to a different restaurant. You can also go straight to the Lord. Er, Church of the Risen Lord. Operations there start at 9am.

As usual, details here.

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Two Hands Working – FFFFF Day 1

Day 1 of Two Hands Working (Filipino Freethinkers for Flooded Filipinos) is a “personal effort day”. Members are encouraged to contribute to the relief efforts in their own way, whether by volunteering their services to relief organizations or donating goods to the victims, anything that keeps our hands unclasped.

A few of us will be going to Marikina Sports Complex tomorrow, at around 1pm, depending on weather conditions. If you would like to join us, feel free to contact us through the numbers on this forum, or just show up at the venue. Just look for FF buttons or Tshirts. And bring as many friends as you can.

Another group might be going to the Akbayan center also, but this has not been finalized. Again, you can contact any of the numbers on the forum to inquire.

For a list of Relief Centers with operations over the weekend, you might want to check this list. Note that few centers are closed for the weekend, due to Pepeng (Parma), so you want to contact your center in advance.

Whatever you decide to do for Day 1, let us know about it. Whether you blogged about volunteerism, donated through text, or helped in a soup kitchen, we want to know how you put your two hands to work. And if you write a good enough article about your Day 1, you might even get a free book out of it.

After Day 1 we will hold an online (YM) discussion about the Relief Centers we volunteered with and decide where to go for our group volunteer work on Day 2. We invite you all to these events. Just leave any contact information on the forum or in the comments section and we will get in touch with you.

IMPORTANT REMINDER – Please make personal safety your highest priority. No careless heroics, no braving floods, no dodging flying cows. Watch the news, mind the weather and use your discretion. We don’t want to be pulling a Richard Gutierrez and end up needed rescue ourselves.

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