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Embrace me

In silence and solitude

You and I,


I am caught in this flux, this constancy

Of things — impermanent

Transcendent, always

Moving, and ? What. Yes, maybe.

Catching, this silence of the mind

Always moving yet

Prying open,

A glimpse into the unknown.

I fly, I dream in this vague luminance.

Where only the —

Only the,


Is seen.

In, pure light — radiant darkness

As death and nothingness succumb

To the Eternal

Beauty? There is none, nothing more

In silence and solitude

You and I,


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I had a dream —

That darkness was all there is to see

That cold is all there was to feel

That there was nothing beyond this cocoon of despair

That, this seeming emptiness

Rendered the very fabrics of existence meaningless

And threw actions into overwhelming futility

It was absurd,

I had a dream.

And I woke up

Then there was light — a timeless luminance

And these sunrays filled me with warmth from within

And I — I am a butterfly!

Fluttering, wings engaged against the still air

Birthed into this enigma of Being,

Embracing the Open that transcends time.

I have endured the deepest winter,

And as the light pierced through this absurdity

I at last discovered —

That there was in me,

An invincible summer.

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