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A Nonbeliever's Thanksgiving Poem

Ever since I lost my faith
A few old things I start’d to miss:
The warm embrace of the Sacred Wraith,
The gratefulness when I’m at bliss.
“The worst moment for the atheist
Is when he is really thankful and has nobody to thank”
That’s true because unlike the theist
No Sky Daddy ever covers his flank.
He has only himself to thank for
Well perhaps some people too
It’s still not like having Someone to adore
One to whom he’d kneel on a pew.
But gratefulness comes naturally
At least that’s what I think
Perhaps driven evolutionarily
Lest we get too close to the brink.
Imagine a race ungrateful
No “thank you” for good deeds
Everyone would soon turn hateful
And unable to sow their seeds.
And so I thank the Big Bang cause
For starting all this cosmic mess
I thank Nature and her constant Laws
For keeping me at this address.
I thank Time and Space for setting me on
A point abundantly suitable for life
Most of all I thank Evolution
And my ancestors for enduring the strife.

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