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The Shepherd and The Sheep

The Shepherd
We’ve all heard of the parables that the Church or just about any Bible preacher likes to preach. There is one called the “Parable of the Lost Sheep.” Christianity is supposed to be the sheep and the Church is its shepherd. Let’s call shepherds for what they really are: ‘rulers’ – for a shepherd rules over the sheep like the Church rules over its flock in the name of Jesus Christ. Naturally, the Church doesn’t want its sheep to go astray or else it would lose its position of power. One way they stay in power is by not letting their subjects forget them. That’s why they always remind you, the ordinary person, about God’s Promises.

When you first hear of this, that “God is your shepherd” and you are His sheep, it seems like an idea that you’d like to hold on to. The church makes it sound so attractive, especially to someone who is still dependent on others, making them feel that no harm will come to them thereby giving a feeling of security. But is being just a sheep good enough for a person who is free and alive? And, can this ‘shepherd’ really protect you from all the pain and suffering in the world? Is that really what you want? Let me tell you, neither the Church nor God thinks you’re special, to them you’re just another sheep in the crowd. Catholic priests would want nothing better than for you to be the perfect sheep, helpless and without any will of your own, who does everything they say and does nothing but graze in the fields and eat grass.

Let’s talk about herding. How do modern shepherds herd their sheep? They use a herding dog to bark the sheep into their fences. The Catholic Church does the same thing, only their dog can be a lot of things. It can be the threat of going to hell, societal pressure, or it can be actual political influence. Barking is a way of scaring sheep into place without the need of physically forcing them because, like sheep, people like to go in different directions. You only need one dog/one priest to manage a whole flock of sheep or churchgoers. In time the sheep will be trained and will follow without the need to be barked at. Christians now have an internalized herding dog, the all-knowing God speaking to them or something I can also think of as the person’s conscience. Either of the two will begin to bark if they start to go astray. This dog is no ordinary dog; it knows their secrets, their thoughts and every detail of every action in their lives.

Once we realize that this dog is only in our minds. They can’t herd us into a corner anymore and we will be free to relax and go in the direction we choose to go in this life.

I’ll end with these questions. Why will you allow some God to read your thoughts/prayers or record your whole life experience only to hold you accountable about it in the afterlife? How can God actually monitor your every move? Where do we get a conscience? Do you actually need a conscience to do good acts?

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