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Why volunteer?

Let’s face it, a person has his/her own reason for doing anything. My reasons for wanting to help out the people affected by the typhoon were (1) guilt, because while people were swimming in floodwater or trying to get their kids on the roof of the house while their property was being washed away, I was safe and dry in my third floor apartment fending off boredom with tv and food; and (2) empathy, because during typhoon Ruping in 1990 in Cebu, the wind blew off the roof of our house.

However, as I am a practical kind of girl, I now bring you seven practical reasons for helping our fellowmen and women who suffered because of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

  1. Barangy TañongIt becomes personal.
    Volunteering isn’t the only way to help. We’re grateful to everyone here and abroad who sent money to buy food and clothes and support rescue operations to help the typhoon victims. However, when you’re actually there sorting the donated clothes and blankets, and distributing food and water to the affected families, you are able to put a face on the issue. When you hand rice to someone in need, you are reminded why you’ve given up part of your savings to give to this cause. Read the full story

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