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Send Us Your Virgins: A Recap of the 1/30/11 Freethinkers Meetup

There was a lot of fresh blood at yesterday’s meetup: Jason the corporate photographer; yet another Jason, the Australian with a soft spot for sustainable farming; Arf from the budding FF-UP Manila Chapter; Coli and Leni from UP Diliman, who were presumably lured to the meetup thanks to Cy’s Green Lantern bodysuit; etc.

Simply irresistible.

The best self intro I’ve ever seen definitely went to newbie Abe. A pity for those who couldn’t attend; you just missed one of the most awesome moments of collective unease in the history of the organization. What exactly transpired, however, shall remain locked deep in the hearts of those present.

Here is Abe (standing in black shirt), hovering over the damned.

The afternoon’s topics guaranteed rowdy discussions: the current situation in Egypt, and what to make of theocracy in such situations; whether the death penalty should be adopted; the ethics of putting up fake online accounts; and the following question: If there was a remote island populated by a self-sufficient community of blind people, would it be right for these people to blind their future offspring?

(For those who would like to continue discussing these topics, or who were unable to attend yesterday, they’re now up on the forums. This’ll be a regular thing from now on.)

While the newbie table was rife with discourse…

…the other table was ALL about the sexual tension.

Once again, the meetup and succeeding inuman resulted in a rollercoaster of emotions.

This is Happy Tania.

This is Not-So-Happy Tania.

(Pictures of the Too-Drunk-to-Care Tania have been deleted out of propriety.)

In the end, we’re glad to know that the day’s discussions and succeeding shenanigans have encouraged the newbies to return. Every meetup, after all, is a guaranteed venue for epic conversation, a motley crew of new friends and, well, whatever the hell this is:

You know you want it.

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