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The Boss

Rule # 1: The Boss is always right.
Rule# 2: When the Boss is wrong, refer to Rule # 1.

For as long as the order is not illegal or immoral, it is poor judgment to defy or even question the Boss. Because even if your immediate boss is not the Boss or the owner/chief executive of the company, you are answerable only to your direct boss, just as he/she is answerable only to his/her immediate boss. So if you think that a certain order is counterproductive and not in the company’s best interest, you still have to obey it, because whether it turns out to be a good or bad move, in the eyes of higher management credit and accountability belong to your boss, and you will be rated by your boss based on how closely you followed his/her instructions regardless of the result. You can point out the disadvantages of his/her plan though, especially if your opinion was sought, but your boss has the final word.

That’s in the corporate world. Now for the spiritual world, a lot of people believe in a Big Boss up there. The problem is we have not seen or heard from this Boss, and a lot of people claim that they have direct instructions from Him that we must follow lest we not only get fired from the company but also get fried for eternity.

In the corporate world, if the Boss is out of the country and a co-worker tells you that the Boss called him and gave instructions for you, if you follow him you will not be putting your trust in the Boss but in your co-worker, believing that what he said is true and didn’t maliciously make it up. However, you can verify this by calling the Boss long distance or by other means of communication. More commonly, before the Boss leaves the country he would make it clear who will be in charge during his absence or if he will be giving his future instructions through a certain officer.

In the spiritual world, there was no endorsement from the Boss. However, some people claim that they are special representatives or ministers of the Boss, and sadly a lot of people quickly believe them.

In the corporate world, even if you were so low in the organization that you don’t even know who the Big Boss is, as long as you are receiving your paycheck for doing what your immediate boss tells you, you know that you are working in a real company.

In the spiritual world, the ‘paycheck’ is eternal life – or more precisely, salvation from eternal damnation. No one has ever seen this paycheck yet, but the fear of not receiving it at the end of earthly life scares a lot of people into believing and obeying whatever the ‘ministers’ say, including, “Your money doesn’t really belong to you, but to the Boss. Give it to me so I can return it to Him.”

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