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FF Mailbox: Nikki Saint

It’s refreshing to read messages from people who appreciate what we do, especially from somewhere as far as the US. Here’s one such message of support from Nikki Saint Bautista:

What a breath of fresh air to come across Filipino Freethinkers! I am Filipino but live in Brooklyn, NY USA. My undergrad was in Philosophy—not nursing or medicine to my parents’ chagrin. I had trouble sleeping tonight because my mother’s conservative religious beliefs prevents her from allowing me to invite my younger sister (I am 10 years my sibling’s senior) to spend a day at a neighborhood theater and to then sleep over and then to go out for brunch the following morning. Why? Because I live with my committed boyfriend of 4 years and according to my mother, she does not want my sister to “experience your life of sin.” This sentiment was brutally offensive and inspired me to scour the net for scholarly articles on the role of hyper religiosity in the subordination of women in Filipino society. Growing up, I’ve always felt it difficult to communicate with people of my culture because of the stifling group think. It is therefore a great surprise to find Filipinos who think freely and are willing to dialogue and experiment with varying discourses that are not a knee jerk reaction triggered by some pre-established morality.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Nikki Saint!

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