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Filipino Freethinkers Metro Manila South Sunday Meetup!

A bunch of meetups this week! Besides the two meetups today in Davao and at Taft, our Metro Manila South chapter is having a meetup this Sunday at Alabang!

Be at the Union Jack Tavern at Festival Mall this Sunday at 4pm. Meetup officially runs until 7pm, after which there are usually drinks (if you’re not a minor). This week’s topics are very varied:

  • The pros and cons of stereotyping
  • Palatino’s abandonment of the government secularization bill: a result of cowardice or strategic accommodation?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • How important is money to you?

If the other Metro Manila meetups are too far up north for you, try heading over to the South meetup this Sunday. You’re bound to make a few new friends.

Look at all those friendly faces

You can find the Facebook event here.