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In Response to Defensores Fidei Takedown Demands Part 2

After we had posted our response to their initial demands in this previous article, Defensores Fidei sent the following email.


While the forum was open to the public, the event and consequently any lectures or material therein are our sole property. While we did not give due warning to anyone recording the event, we did not authorize any of them to be posted publicly either. The right to deny this permission lies solely at our discretion and not yours. Your organization was not given any permission to post them in your website. It is unfortunate that you would prefer to elevate this into a legal matter rather than accede to our demand. As such, I am writing you once again to ask you to consider your position.


Ricardo Boncan

What follows is our official response.

Dear Sir,

After careful consideration of your demands to take down videos and transcripts from the “Women Speak: Medical and Legal Truths about the RH Bill” symposium held last 30 April 2011, we must, once again, respectfully refuse. We have consulted our legal team at length about this matter and we believe that the information we had posted on our website, with the proper attribution to its source, does not constitute copyright infringement.

Like you, we only seek to spread the “truths” about the RH bill — all versions of it and to make them available to everyone, so that they will have the tools necessary to make an independent and informed choice. We believe that this freedom of information is essential for our democracy, especially for our country, famed for the People Power Revolution that successfully overthrew the repressive Marcos regime. This freedom of information should apply to any issue of public concern, whether it be social, political, or economic, and is a necessary ingredient in our continuous quest to become a politically mature and informed citizenry.

Once again, for the reasons stated above, we cannot take down the transcripts and videos that your organization had publicly shared during the symposium, for the sake of providing said information openly and freely to the public, like you had intended.


Red Tani
President, Filipino Freethinkers

Kenneth Keng
RH Advocacy Director, Filipino Freethinkers


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