Announcement: Join the FF Saturnalia Party 2017.

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FF Interwebs Updates

With the recent high traffic to the website we’ve moved servers and did some online housekeeping. With the volume of comments that we’ve been receiving, we’re now requiring commenters to register for an account on Intense Debate. Commenting will, as always, be free (as in beer and freedom) except for spam. Our comment monster will always eat delicious spam.

Curious about what freethought is and what we do? We’ve made a new page about the Filipino Freethinkers while we were moving servers! Read all about who we are, what we’ve done and how you can join the Freethinkers.

We’re still working on restoring the forums, much apologies to our forum regulars. We’ll try to get the forum restored within this week. Meanwhile, if you’re hungry for discussion we’ve been consolidating our Facebook groups. Facebook has forced our old group to upgrade so we’re killing the new group and moving the group discussions to our 2000+ member group. We also make our event announcements on that group so join it if you’d like to be alerted whenever we have an event.

Like Twitter? We’re also there! Follow us @ffreethinkers.