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The Quest for Accountability

As more of the Catholic Church’s credibility comes under question by international organizations that allow victims a chance to be heard and force the church to be held accountable, why are people still having a problem in developing their own opinion on what is good or bad, based on more impartial sources?

In light of such controversy, why not take the opportunity to learn about ethics, the other arguments and history? Why not stop the dehumanization of opponents and figure out the causes why so many questioned the church or those who claim superior moral authority?

Is it that frightening to have to depend on your own judgment against uncertainty?

People live with uncertainty all the time, even when part of a religion. No one ever knows what “god” might throw at them. Is it that much harder to imagine that no one is behind natural disasters, and that no one is secretly “hoping” you’ll pass the next test? Is it that difficult to imagine that success is part hard work and part chance, or that failure is part chance?

Questioning those whose influence makes serious accusations or consequences doesn’t make you a bad person. Fearing to be fooled or unintentionally hurting others and doing something about it doesn’t make you less of a good person. If anything, you have grown more accountable for your own actions by actually questioning the further iterations of their consequences than just leaving it to the word of God’s self-claimed representatives.

Don’t all the arguments that ask you to have Faith blind you more to the consequences of your actions? Do you really see the consequences, or does someone have to comfort you, affirming that you are good and monopolizes the judgment of this? Do you depend so much on something that you never leave the comfort of your convictions to ask what exists outside it?
If Faith is all that defines you, then what is the place of reason and education in your life?
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