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A Universe From Nothing

19-dark_matterI remember talking to innerminds during the first FF Davao Meet-up, and he was explaining his stance of being a Deist. He said something along the lines of: if the Big Bang is the beginning of the Universe, all the matter still had to come from somewhere, and he refers to the source as the Creator. He said a lot more than that, of course, which I will no longer elaborate so I won’t misrepresent him further. But in reply, I recommended that he watch one of the videos from Atheists Alliance International 2009 Conference, where a physicist talked about Cosmology and particularly interesting was his discussion about the net Energy of the Universe. Here’s Dr. Lawrence Krauss and his talk entitled “A Universe From Nothing”.

Btw, the rest of the AAI 2009 Conference talks are available in this youtube playlist.

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