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Essay Writing Contest – Last Call

The Evidence for Evolution

With the recent flood of articles from new and old authors alike, we now have enough entries for our Essay Writing Contest to close submissions, but for those of you who haven’t polished your prize-winning articles just yet, there’s still hope.

This is the Last Call for anyone who wants a copy of The Greatest Show On Earth, by Richard Dawkins. Write an essay or any print-worthy article and submit to [email protected] or post it on this website, and if we decide yours is the best, you get the book. Submissions will be accepted until October 30, Saturday, 6:00PM Philippine time. That is the final date, no more extensions, because we want to give this book away as soon as possible and start with the next contest. (Oh yes, there will be more contests.)

As usual, terms and conditions can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who’s submitted so far. There’s a lot of quality posts to choose from, and this is gonna be a tough call indeed. And we hope the submissions from now to the 30th will make things even tougher.

Now get typing. We’re not giving away this free book for free, you know.

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