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Free Thinkers Political Watch Out

Estrada vs Lacson. What we can hope for is that they bloody each other enough that what ever power is left is redistributed to a larger and diverse group (ideally some free thinking groups). An negative scenario is any one side may get back lost political capital, or worse consolidating the loser’s. The worse case scenario for everyone is an end of hostilities and deals that focus their remaining resources.

RHB and the Church. The church has threatened to withdraw support from Noynoy if he backed the RHB. The RHB has been very popular to everyone but the priests and politicians are quick to catch the whiff of political support. I’m sure the Church can forgive them, they forgiven them for their other sins, what’s the exercise of the populations freewill got to compare to the others?

Senate Bill 3375. Formerly House Bill 6676 and before that House Bill 6658, is a classic example of how to misdirect the public. The bill may seem harmless at first glance, but that only includes the amendments of its previous versions. Access to the older versions can only be found with the lawyer Gun enthusiasts out there and their fears about the bill may be possibly exaggerated by certainly not ignored. Particularly the Martial Law-ish language of the previous versions that has not been amended and not seen in the latest text revisions. Personally, I find the statistic presented by the Senate PDF written by Trillianes to be very misleading since the fact of the matter is that gun prices are up because of the Politicos this coming elections and the largest group in possession of guns outside the Military and Police are the Politicos. So, those of us who were too young to understand Martial Law may have our chance. Those who oppose RHB should throw their weight to this bill because it is just as effective in population control.

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