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Two Hands Working (Filipino Freethinkers for Flooded Filipinos)

A number of us have already done some volunteer work over the past week, and donated a bunch of stuff to the relief effort, but as some in the forum have pointed out, this might be the sort of thing we might want to do as a group. Building on that idea, I’m organizing a more coordinated effort for FF members to help with the relief effort over the weekend.

Coordination details can be found here: Forum Topic: Two Hands Working

If you are already an active member or volunteer for a foundation or organization that is providing relief (like the PNRC, GMA Kapuso Foundation or ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya), you could help coordinate the members we get together so we are utilized more efficiently. (e.g. by scheduling our volunteer work). We would very much like to hear from you.

If you’re one of the many well-meaning people who just haven’t found the opportunity to volunteer for lack of a group to volunteer with (like myself), we hope to provide that group for you.

We all know there’s still much to do, and as the hype for helping others has worn off and those unaffected have begun to resume their normal lives and pray that Pepeng doesn’t hit them next, this is the perfect time to show that we too, while godless, are good.

And is the perfect opportunity to show the power of two hands working.

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