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Mar and Manalo

Two major news hits our nation today. One political and the other religious. Which is which? You decide.

The all too passionate “sacrifice” of Mar Roxas to give way to Noynoy Aquino as the standard bearer for Liberal Party in the 2010 Mafia Wars a.k.a National Election. Despite his low estimates at presidentiability meter, he now resurrected himself as a faithful Good Samaritan to this country.

The death of Eraño Manalo – executive minister of bloc voting religion of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Crowds gathered in front of INC central area, and as usual politicians, want-to-be politicians, and want-to-stay as politicians convene “to extend their goodwill and symphaty”. Regardless if their current religion directly contradicts INC’s doctrines, kiss-ass ethics for organize superstition prevails.

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