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Diet for Christians: Less Spam, More Meat

Christian spam has been overflowing from text messages and chain emails into Facebook apps and status updates. I’d wager that these Pascal’s Wagerers haven’t even read a fifth of the supposed source of their spam. This inspired me to challenge them in a status update of my own:

For every religious email, text, or status update you read, read a chapter, a page, or a verse of the Bible instead.

You’ll read every published word of [your] God in no time.

Why waste time on messengers when you can hear it from the master?

You have time. You have the book. What’s your excuse?

Surprisingly I got likes and comments even from believers who I’ve seen participate more than once in some spam sessions.

The above message might seem uncharacteristic, but I do hope that more people would read the Bible. But not the filtered, processed version most believers get from teachers and priests and parents.

I want them to read the actual words, the red meat, real and raw. Because it’s no wonder all they’ve  been serving is spam — it’s all they’ve been eating.

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