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Filipino Freethinkers Vision and Mission

I have started a thread on the forum wherein we can clarify our group’s mission and vision.

But for the benefit of those who prefer answering via comments on this post, here it is:

To get things started, I am proposing a tentative vision and mission that we can continuously revise:


Long-term: Freethinkers can live in a Philippines free from all forms of violence, discrimination, and prejudice, their rights and freedoms fully protected by a government in which their opinions are fairly and adequately represented.

Short-term: Freethinkers can easily get in touch with fellow freethinkers to enjoy online and offline activities wherever they live and whatever their cultural or socioeconomic background.


  1. Promote freethought, science, and reason online (websites, blogs, wikis, and forums) and offline (magazine, radio, and TV) with a positive, non-adversarial approach. (the online promotion we’re already doing; offline we could do too for the benefit of the internet illiterate)
  2. Publish materials for freethinkers such as newsletters (monthly), magazines (quarterly), and books (yearly). (these will be anthologies with submissions from members and contributors)
  3. Create a freethought library where freethinkers can donate, lend, and borrow books, movies, and other freethought media. (good for freethinkers who are still in school or are poor)
  4. Sponsor and organize events for freethinkers such as forums, talks, workshops, and film showings. (events like these would be more organized with an organization and to be free for all freethinkers, rich and poor, will need . . .
  5. Raise money through donations, grants, membership fees, and merchandise sales for the above purposes. (all of the purposes above require money)

We look forward to reading your insights and ideas. Thank you very much!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.