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FF Meetup 9 (Yesterday) and 10 (Next Sunday)

Yesterday after the successful Cafe Scientifique event, Understanding Darwin (more on a later post), we went downstairs to Starbucks for some donuts and conversation and called it Meetup no. 9. We talked about the Reach Out Campagin and the changes we plan for this website, two projects you’ll be hearing more of in the coming weeks.

I’ll post more about Understanding Darwin and Meetup 9 later, but for now I’d like to thank those who came and supported Cafe Scientifique. And to the organizers of the event, Mitzi and Maribel, congratulations! To those who are interested in their future events, check out their website or subscribe to their blog.

As for our next event, Filipino Freethinkers Forum 3 (FFF3), we’re planning to have it at the end of May, either on the 30th or 31st. And because we already had a sort of meetup yesterday, Meetup no. 10 will be next Sunday, May 3, same time (1-4pm), same place (Starbucks Shangri-la).

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