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FF Meetup No. 6: Smoking Skeptics vs. Happy Humanists

Sunday, March 15 at Red’s House.

Is Skepticism better than Humanism? The time for debate is over — the answer will be decided by the first FF Grudge Match.

Hosts: Team Tani (Red and Tin, the birthday girl)

Coaches: Boo Brothers (Frank and Mikong [sorry Mikong, nadamay])

The Contenders:

The Happy Humanists (Geri and Wella) vs. The Smoking Skeptics (Danny and Tania)

Game 1: Tetris


Danny's Skeptical Treatise on Tetris


Danny's smug smile vs. Geri's game face

Result: Happy Humanists win! (Happy Humanists 1; Smoking Skeptics 0)

Game 2: Let’s Tap


Let's Tap some tissue boxes!


Wella celebrates -- prematurely?

Result: Smoking Skeptics win! (Happy Humanists 1; Smoking Skeptics 1)

Game 3: Rock Band 2


Wella's Alanis vs. Tania's Bon Jovi -- difficult decision . . .

Result: Tie! (Happy Humanists 2; Smoking Skeptics 2)

Final Result: Humanism is as good a philosophy as Skepticism (Though the Smoking Skeptics question the results due to the provisionality of all knowledge.)

More pics:

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