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FFFF Schedule 2nd Draft

After some discussion (and  a number of digressions), we’ve managed to work out a number of additional details for the upcoming FFFF:

1.) The theme of the forum will be something along the lines of “Practical Freethinking – Expressing and promoting Freethought in our modern Filipino society.”

2.) There will be 4 speakers or so, taken from within our little fellowship.

3.) The format for each open forum, after the registration and the opening ceremony, will be:

  • Moderator introduces the speaker
  • Speaker presents his/her ideas for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Audience discussion
  • Moderator summarizes the discussion on the topic

4.) Red has volunteered to be the moderator, though some have expressed he would be better off as a speaker.

5.) Speakers have not yet been determined, but we’re looking for a diverse group of speakers (regarding their approach to the theme), strong personalities, some competence for public speaking, and of course willingness.

6.) Speakers are encouraged to use slides. Red has volunteered to help create the slides.

7.) Audience members are encouraged to write down their questions and pass them to someone assigned to read them. We may allow a microphone to be passed to audience members for participation.

8.) Although we encourage free speech, speakers and the audience are asked to avoid profanity.

9.) While the FFFF is intended to be a forum for freethinkers, believers are welcome to join, provided that they keep an open mind, do not react violently and carry no deadly weapons.

10.) We are also accepting volunteers for Bouncers.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. And join the group chats whenever possible, to share what you would like to see in the FFFF.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.