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A Band of Bloggers: FF Members Write About the First Meetup


This will probably go down as one of the most successful freethinkers event ever… I was really proud to be a part of this gathering. Words won’t do justice the way I feel about the unexpected turnout.


So the Fellowship of Freethinkers adjourned with smile in their faces and hope in their hearts that someday, we will be the instrument in reaching out to people to help them think, make them realize that knowledge and wisdom will always be, ALWAYS BE the greatest weapon against any adversary ( imagined, or unimagined ) they will ever face.


. . . the people spoke with eloquence, passion, and realism (mixed with hope of things to change for the better). and better i mean the country to be more scientific, more secular.


This bunch is something else. I applaud the participants’ openness and straightforwardness (minus the arrogance ^^,). I am definitely pleased to be a part of this. It makes me feel okay thinking that I am not alone.


I’ve lived my atheist life almost entirely online. Ultimately, it is not as rewarding as spending an afternoon chatting with other interesting people… In the end, atheists are people too. Isn’t that what we’re all about?


Getting to know each other is the most vital part in every meet-up. The meet-up is a blend of atheists, agnostics and there are even deists in the group. There is also a “point-laugh” atheist (That’s new…). Majority is non-militant when it comes to religion… that’s fine with me.

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