5 Tips for Getting Your Piece Published on the FF Website

You have to find the sweet spot between intelligent and accessible. You have to inform or opine with clarity and substance. You have to buy us lunch.

The Top 10 FF Articles (So Far), and a Call for Contributions

If you are unafraid to challenge authority, tradition, and dogma in favor of speaking out for reason, science, and secularism, send us your articles for consideration. Please email your pieces (preferably in Word docs) to [email protected].

The Responsible Writer

This is part 2 in a series of articles written primarily as a sort of online workshop-slash-discussion hook to get writers and authors in our organization or those with similar interests to share writing tips, techniques, and style guides with others. Feel free to pitch in and throw your own two-cents on how to improve your craft.

Writing a Social Commentary

One of the primary objectives of this blog is to encourage people to express what’s on their mind when it comes to socially relevant and often controversial news and current events. But of course before such exchange of ideas can start, a good writer has to open up the topic with a well-written intro on the issue. Hopefully, these series of articles aimed at developing a responsible writer will help everyone come up with their own future posts. So we begin with lesson one. After you’ve decided on a good topic that piques your interest (and hopefully everyone else’s), you have to decide on the tone. Most social commentaries fall in either one or a combination of any of these three...

Getting High

I just had a three-mile run and a quick shower, and the endorphins are still kicking in. Runner’s high, they call it. Now I’m sitting in front of my PC trying to update my blog and hoping to get a “writer’s high”. And should I fail to get the creative juices flowing, there’s a bottle of Scotch sure to give me a real kind of high every time.

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