[ONLINE] Meetup – 18 July 2020

Filipino Freethinkers Meetup 3pm (Manila Time) - Saturday 18 July 2020

Filipinos for Secular Government

"The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable." -- Article 2, section 6 of the Philippine Constitution "No law shall be made...

1001 Mailing List Posts and Other FF Statistics

I just added the 1001st post to the mailing list a while ago, and decided to check some other numbers on...

FF on FF: Filipino Freethinkers on Friendster and Facebook

Please join our social networking groups 🙂 Friendster group (you have to be logged in to Friendster): http://www.friendster.com/group/tabmain.php?gid=2726410 Facebook group (you have to be...

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