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Conversations on Secularism and the Philippine Justice System

With all the interesting minds on twitter, informative discussions can spontaneously emerge from simple statements. When @annaoposa spoke up about Catholic prayers in a program she attended the resulting conversation gave a good overview on the state of secularism in the Philippine justice system and how we’ve arrived where we are now.

Like Ryan commented in the conversation if a government sponsored program opens with a prayer, you have a right to file a complaint. I’d like to add that even if it isn’t government sponsored but it’s open to the public, you should complain if you’re displeased with the program opening with a prayer. The organizers should know that they are pissing people off by dragging others into public displays of religiosity.

Many thanks to the people who contributed to the conversation: @ryanbalisacan, @ageofbrillig, @nerveending. We’re also on twitter, follow us @ffreethinkers

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Filipino Freethinkers on Twitter

Thanks to Tania’s suggestion we’re now on Twitter, and if you are too, please follow us. And if you’re a registered author on our website, you can tweet on our shared account by using the Twitter tool on our sidebar, and the Tweet tool (under Posts) in the admin page.

By the way, if there’s any freethinker or important tweeter you think we should be following, please let us know with a comment below. Thanks guys!

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