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Davao’s Deistic Duterte

Davao City vice mayor Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his support for President Aquino’s stand on making a wide array of family planning methods – both natural and artificial – available to couples who need them. While this is already good news for the RH Bill advocates, Duterte’s comment on the Church’s teachings will surely impress the freethinkers:

There are some religions that go against the human biology. They prescribe sexual abstinence which is almost impossible. The urge to procreate is the most powerful force in the entire universe. Your teachings go against the grain of biology.

While Duterte might have meant “the urge to copulate” instead of procreate as the most powerful force in the universe (procreation is just a consequence of copulation although copulation is evolutionarily driven by procreation), the message is clear: to follow the Church’s teachings means to deny the reality of the human sex drive.

As if that wasn’t enough, what Duterte said next made me think that the vice mayor might be a deist, believing in God but not in organized religion, which often paints God as unreasonable and cruel:

Do not believe in hell. My connection with God is not thru my religion but thru my belief. There is no need for religion to go to Heaven and to talk to God. Excommunicate? Go ahead. My God understands my biological needs because I am His creation. My God is very understanding. I don’t need religion to go to heaven or hell.

And with that statement Duterte may have fueled a lot of people’s doubts towards the infallibility of Catholic dogma and significantly loosened the Church’s grip over politics, at least in Davao. While there is supposed to be a wall of separation between the Church and State, God is straddling that wall in this predominantly Catholic nation of ours. And if the Church says that God is against contraceptives, the people as well as the legislative and executive branches of the government tend to listen. Good thing we have freethinking politicians like Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. I hope others would speak up as well, especially those at the national level.

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