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Freethinkers: The True Pro-Life, Pro-Progress and Pro-Humanity

It’s never a contradiction to say that freethinkers in general (humanists, atheists, agnostics, deists, etc.) are pro-life, pro-progress and pro-humanity. There’s one obvious reason for this and that is these groups are far more in touch with reality than its adversaries. The freethinkers are the number one supporters of science and its furtherance. They are realists, rationalists, critical thinkers and to some point even altruists (like two of the richest people on Earth, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett). It is so unfair to accept that they are the antagonists of a pro-life stance when they are actually pro-life! There’s actually a ton of reasons for this and let me state examples one at a time.

• Freethinkers know that living your life in the best way possible is a first.
• Freethinkers love their life and their family since virtually all of them don’t expect a second life after death.
• Freethinkers likely believe that they are responsible for all of their actions and that’s including the way they plan for their family’s future.
• Freethinkers when on some form of family-planning would practically believe that to prevent abortion, they should resort to some form of contraception and not by being complacently supernatural in believing that “it’s God’s plan” that a baby was brought about.

On the other hand, the so-called pro-life Catholics are pro-death, pro-poverty and pro-bigotry. On being pro-death, there are more people being murdered in the name their god than in the name of its adversary – be it Satan, heretics or any of their representations of those who don’t adhere to their beliefs. If you doubt this fact, then you’ll have to read their book of guidelines on everything under the sun – the Christian Bible – and realize how Catholics persecuted all those who don’t go with their faith. One of the largest causes for the cruelty may have been from Matthew 10:34 where Jesus Christ himself proclaimed that he didn’t come to earth for peace. (You may also start by reading the book of Deuteronomy 1:30, 2:14-16, 2:20, 2:21-22 and so forth and as an additional help for a website’s cause, here’s a link.)

The SCPLC (so-called pro-life Catholics) are also pro-poverty since they don’t give an s about those who suffer because of their large families (that leads to the large population) that literally make them poorer. Let’s call a spade a spade on this, if you have a dozen children and you only work for less than $10 a day then it doesn’t cut it. This is why some families live only on rice and dried fish just to get through the day. I’m not buying the excuse of some narrow-minded anti-RH church leaders and politicians (and yes, even Pacquiao is not an exemption just for the reason we’re all fans of him and that he’s a philanthropist – the Philippines is bigger than him and he might as well have to think over on his stance) that we can control the enlarging population by resorting to some kind of abstinence-wise family planning method by avoiding sex on certain periods. This type of family-planning method is utterly unsafe and it is likely undoable. Why are they so repelled by contraception that even their top leader, the pope of Vatican (obviously), would ONLY half-allow a form of contraception (like condom) on certain cases where apparently only prostitutes can benefit. Is this what they call humanization or is it just ambiguously condoning prostitution rather than preventing pregnancy for those who need protection?

Lastly but not the least of the series, the anti-RH Catholics are pro-bigotry. Don’t they look ludicrous now that their leader in Vatican made a comment that condoms are better used to prevent diseases – and that’s the better part of the pontiff’s statements – when they themselves proclaimed and purported that these condoms can cause diseases? Bigots are them when they treated with truculence the protesters outside a church’s premises (which is actually public) and proclaimed, “Satan, get out, get out” then followed by an asshole who said, “You should have told your mothers to have aborted you” or by one English-idiot, “You should tell your mother to abort you.” (We’re already born, stupid-ass!) They are the epitome of hypocrisy and bigotry glorified. They are self-righteous by thinking that they are free of their so-called sins. “Love your enemies” is one their teachings which is akin to “if you’re hit with a stone, hit back with a piece of bread.” (I’m referring to the freethinkers and the shirts they wore that provoked the ire out of these so-called holy cows.) What they did was a reversal, it was like they were thrown a small stick and they retaliated by throwing a gigantic rock. Let me ask unto them: if you can’t follow your dogma, what’s the point of having it? Why don’t you just proclaim unto the world that your church is just group of people believing in a god and doing some rituals on Sunday and stop shoving your hard-wired creed into the general populace’s throats? The pertained collective doesn’t have to wonder why more and more infidels are coming out in the open to support a cause (for the Filipino people by adhering to things like the RH Bill.)

As a caveat, the Filipino Freethinkers are just advocating some of the people’s issues like the Reproductive Health Bill because they are afraid. They are afraid of the hugely increasing population that worsens primarily issues like poverty and the economy’s betterment; and we’ll add that apprehension to other fears like global warming, climate change, spreading of diseases like AIDS and HIV and so on and so forth. Those types of “phobias” are of the sane people on this Earth that when medically reversed will make you fear not being picked up by Jesus Christ when he comes back to Earth on a Judgment Day, fearing someone above the clouds is huffy because you did this and that and you’ll be fearing superstitious diseases acquired from evil spirits. That’s just a no-nonsense way of saying that the freethinkers’ intentions and objectives are for the good-of-mankind’s sake and that there’s no stain of politics behind their endeavors.

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