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FF Regional Meet-up Challenge!

November Meetup 2With Mikong’s winter solstice visit to Davao kicking off our first ever regional meetup, I figured I could do the same when I go home to Cebu later this December. And if you’re going home to your province this season as well, why not do the same too?

This is a challenge to FF members going home for the holidays — meet at least one other Filipino freethinker in your area. Whether reaching existing members who haven’t been to our Manila meet-ups or spreading the good news that is FF to Filipino freethinkers who had no idea we exist, the goal is to get in touch with at least one other disbeliever.

And this isn’t just a challenge for members visiting the provinces either. If you’re not from Manila and have been looking for a local meet-up, get one organized yourself!

I’m sure there will be tons to talk about. The state of freethought in the country or in your province, personal stories about living in a Catholic nation where separation of Church and State is almost nonexistent, surviving Christmas among religions friends and family, plans and projects of FF and ideas of what more can be done.

And, of course, the possibility of setting up an actual regional chapter of FF.

We can provide an FF tabletop logo for members who are up to the challenge, which you can set up on your coffee table or on the bar, wherever you choose to organize, but filling up the seats will be up to you. Post a query on our forums, mailing list or in the comments below. Look up old classmates who once questioned their religion. Google your town for existing freethought circles, or send meet-up invites to mailing lists of friends and family. It doesn’t take much to organize a regional meet-up, and this challenge hopes to demonstrate that. Just you and one other person, and FF will have taken that first step in your province.

Oh, and take pictures. We do love pictures.

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