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Rational Hero on RockEd Radio

Rational Hero on RockEd RadioFilipino Freethinkers Mike Aquino, Tania Arpa, and Ryan Tani with Carlos Celdran of Rational Hero talk about the RH Bill, secularism, and the sins of the Catholic Church in a RockEd Radio episode hosted by Gang Badoy.

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Rational Hero at RockEd Radio

Rational Hero at Rocked Radio (Small)

*UPDATE*: This has been postponed to Dec. 3, 9:45pm to make way for discussions on the Maguindanao massacre.

Tune in to Rocked Radio at NU107 to hear answers to the question:

What is a Rational Hero?

Thursday, Nov. 26 TBA, 9-11pm


  1. Tania Arpa
  2. Mike Aquino
  3. Ryan Tani
  4. Bob Guerrero of Unitarian Universalist Church
  5. Beth Angsioco of Reproductive Health Advocacy Network
  6. Carlos Celdran of Rational Hero

Anything you’d like us to discuss? Tune in and call or leave a comment below. Thanks!

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Be a Rational Hero

Noli_Me_TangereI was raised a Catholic, and as a child, religion was all about loving my neighbors, singing songs, reciting the prayers and believing in Jesus, so while I was young it was all nice. Later on it became a set of rules I was supposed to abide by — don’t lie, don’t kill, don’t steal — and it made sense still, so it was okay. But then as I grew older it became about sin, about how I was born sinful and how certain sins meant that I was scheduled for an eternity in hell, and the only way out of it was to talk to a priest and eat some wafer. Loving my neighbors had taken a back seat to getting into heaven, but still I bought it anyway. For a while. Read the full story

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