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We Really Should Get Our Focus Back On Religion

Shortly after Karlo’s article What’s So Wrong With Objectivism was published, someone went berserk and got busy writing against the Filipino Freethinkers and even created a Facebook page called EXPOSING THE FILIPINO FREETHINKERS: The Enemy of REASON.

He also made this very cool logo specially for us:

Well unfortunately for him, this only exposed his own irrationality. When freethinkers joined the group and posted straightforward questions like why does he say that the FF is the enemy of reason, instead of responding he simply removed the posts and banned the annoying posters from his page and then wrote, “FREE-FARTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT ON THIS GROUP.” Now that doesn’t sound very reasonable especially for someone who accuses us of being enemies of reason, does it?

However tempting it is to get back at this RANDROID, I believe we will just be wasting our time and losing focus on the more important things like challenging Religion and exposing how it has blinded the Filipinos and helped perpetuate poverty in our country. The Church is very much bigger than our fledgling fellowship that it can afford to ignore our constant criticisms and our attempts at awakening its followers. I think we should do the same to this Randroid and his brainless bashing: ignore him into nonexistence. He is insignificant because he is not capable of  gathering as many cult followers as even the most obscure religions. Besides, he is actually doing us a favor by posting our link to his blog and Facebook page, telling his readers to check our site and forum. How can that be bad? Let the readers decide who really is the irrational one.

Karlo has done a great job of writing that well-researched article on Ayn Rand Objectivism, and I think that should be more than enough to answer our stalker’s immature attacks including his calling us “Free-Farters”. I just wonder how long he tries to hold his flatulence.

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