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Across the Hall

Writing this now sitting at plenary hall of Congress. Am listening to yet more ludicrous delays by the anti-RH congressmen in the form of Garcia and Golez, who is now presenting a powerpoint presentation dissing the RH Bill because it has a lot of ‘4’s, which in Chinese numerology is bad because its associated with death, and therefore the RH Bill is a death Bill. Wish I was kidding and wish even more could share it with you, but the guards here have just informed us that there is a ‘new regulation’ prohibiting *any* recording in the hall for by non-media.

I had wanted to sit at the same spot as yesterday, but the guards also informed us that there is a new regulation that the ground floor is now divided into pro and anti sides. Until yesterday they never informed us of any such regulation and in the few times I’ve been to this hall have sat on both sides of the ground floor without incident. I’ll grant that its probably prudent now, especially since it seems that there are Chinese delegates that have been invited to observe today’s session. I deeply regret, however, the unspoken implication that such arrangements make apparent- that the staff here at congress no longer believes that citizens on two sides of a national debate can sit next to each other and exchange words without exchanging blows.

Ah, now Golez is discussing World War 2 and the four evil axis powers, which of course has everything to do with the RH bill. His powerpoint has attached videos, which for some reason can’t seem to play. The farce goes on.

-Kenneth Keng
5/25/2011 5:40 PM

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