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Know Their Stand: JC de los Reyes, Senatorial Candidate

john-carlos-jc-de-los-reyesElections are coming. If you are a voter, you should know who you are voting for and where they stand, especially when it comes to issues of secularism. Here are senatorial candidate JC de los Reyess responses on nine important issues, based on GMA News’ Mga Isyu ng Bayan.


Reproductive Health – AGAINST

“I’ll repeal it if ever I’m elected. The RH concept is not indigenous to the Philippines but was dictated upon by development agencies abroad. So we repeal the whole concept.”


Sin Tax – FOR

“We are for it, but the timeliness of it and the purpose of the law should be defined. Is it geared to healthier Filipinos or is it to generate revenue more?”


Cybercrime – AGAINST

“That’s clearly to suppress Internet freedom and we’re not for it. We would lean towards freedom of speech over cyberspace.”


Freedom of Information – FOR

“We are for it and we want it right away. If ever I’m elected, I’ll make that number one in my agenda.”


Anti-Political Dynasty – FOR

“We have to stop being hypocrites and adhere to the constitution, and stop tinkering with the constitution in the guise that it’s not working. We have to make it self-executing, and Congress would not do that because 70 percent of them are dynasties.”


Divorce – AGAINST

“We are not for it. It will destroy the family. There is a big difference between annulment and divorce in the sense that divorce is killing the marriage, (while) annulment is giving it hope.”


Death Penalty – AGAINST

“We’re against that, given the justice system in the Philippines, especially if a poor accused given a PAO lawyer and a rich accused has 10 lawyers from the best law schools.”


Same-Sex Marriage – AGAINST

“Totally against that. Equal rights are guaranteed by the United Nations Charter on Human Rights. There is really no need to expand the concept of human rights. I respect the human rights of gays and lesbians, but when you allow same sex marriage, there is no purpose whatsoever as to the objective of that.”


Total Gun Ban – FOR

“We do not curtail the right to bear arms, but we have to do it properly within the context of the common good. When anybody could bring those arms out in public places, that is wrong. They could keep it at home safely, but when they bring it out, that’s tantamount to false peace.”




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