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1001 Mailing List Posts and Other FF Statistics

I just added the 1001st post to the mailing list a while ago, and decided to check some other numbers on the FF. Here’s what I found:

Friendster: 50
Facebook: 65
Mailing List: 74
Online Forum (eFFF): 97
Offline Forum (FFFF): 62

Offline Activity
Forum: 1 forum, 62 participants (out of 80+ registered)
Meetups: 5 meetups (13.6 members per meetup)

Online Activity:
Mailing List: 1001 posts (27.8 posts per day)
Forum: 1309 posts (58.9 posts per day)

Not bad, considering we started on February 1, 2009, and are only 36 days old!

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FF on FF: Filipino Freethinkers on Friendster and Facebook

Please join our social networking groups 🙂

Friendster group (you have to be logged in to Friendster):
Facebook group (you have to be logged in to Facebook):

Thank you very much!

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