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Top 5 votes as of 11 am, Nov 18. 13 hours until voting ends.

Top 5 votes as of 11 am, Nov 18. 25 hours until voting ends.

Tomorrow is the last day of voting and turnout thus far has been quite low. And since we’re eager to get our other contests started, voting with not be extended for this one. If we don’t have enough votes by 24:00 tomorrow, the decision will be left entirely to the judges.

You can find the list of entries here, and you can vote for the entries you like by clicking the Vote link at the bottom.

Remember, prayers don’t win contests, votes do.

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Essay Writing Contest entries

Well I finally got around to finalizing the entries to our very extended Essay Writing Contest, and the judges sure have their work cut out for them. We have 66 entries, listed in alphabetical order below, and while they’re an absolute delight to read through, the sheer volume of them is enough to make me wish I had made this a haiku writing contest.

But just who are these poor judges who have to read through each of them again and vote, you ask? Why, you of course!

That’s right folks, elections have come early and you get to help choose the winner of our first Essay Writing Contest. Here are the mechanics:

  • Each of the articles below will display a “Vote” link at the bottom of the page. Click this link to cast a vote for the post.
  • Registered users can vote for up to 15 articles, but must vote only once for each. Be honest; His Noodliness is watching.
  • You have one week to vote, after which the top articles will be shortlisted for our first FF magazine publication.
  • Editors will then vote for the winning article from the shortlist.

You are free to vote any way you feel, but we recommend the following criteria:

  • Subject and Relevance (35 points) – subject matter must be of interest to readers, and must be relevant to freethought (optional: in the Philippine setting)
  • Organization and Accuracy (25) – work must follow a central idea, and all facts stated must be accurate. i.e. avoid ranting, and cite sources when possible.
  • Style and Soundness of reasoning (25) – work must be written in a manner that makes readers want to read on, and hopefully agree with your sentiment
  • Overall coolness (15) – bonus points for blowing our minds.

Now get voting. There are no lesser evils here.

  1. A Scientific Bible? by pinoyatheist
  2. A Valuable Lesson by Ryan Tani
  3. According to Bacon by pinoyatheist
  4. An atheist learns from a dog by pinoyatheist
  5. Angels and Demons by igme
  6. Ashes to Ashes…dust to dust. by pinoyatheist
  7. Atheistic Spirituality by pinoyatheist
  8. Belief, non-belief, and homosexuality by f241vc15
  9. Book Review : The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution by wes
  10. Brainwashing with consent by pinoyatheist
  11. Can you justify by mere faith? by pinoyatheist
  12. Children’s Choice by igme
  13. Chiz’s “pasang awa” project gets failing grade by Ryan Tani
  14. Congressmen Contra-RH Bill by Geri Villas
  15. Cory’s Legacy by wes
  16. Couple’s Choice by igme
  17. Creating “Creations” by pinoyatheist
  18. Devastated by Ondoy? Congrats: You just passed Calculus! by Ryan Tani
  19. Diet for Christians: Less Spam, More Meat by Ryan Tani
  20. Does God Exist? Video Campaign — Refuted by Geri Villas
  21. Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Wella
  22. Faithful Dad, Faithless Dad by Ryan Tani
  23. Falling In Love: The Physics Of Attraction by f241vc15
  24. Fear of Meeting ff Folks by AnnThrop
  25. Forsaken by Sathepine
  26. Free Thinkers Political Watch Out by justinaquino
  27. Freethinkers in the Philippines? by pinoyatheist
  28. Freethought Poetry: Mothers by f241vc15
  29. Ghosts by Tania Arpa
  30. How to Oppose the RH Bill by Geri Villas
  31. I Just Want Him Safe by Sathepine
  32. I Killed My Guardian Angel – Is That OK? by yodz
  33. Is Writing Rationally Irrational? by wes
  34. Jesus and the Fig Tree by pinoyatheist
  35. Judas, the Traitor? by igme
  36. Just Like Rabbits by pinoyatheist
  37. L2MF Post #02: On Courage, Industry, and Honesty by InfoLibertarian
  38. L2MF Post #03: On Church Offerings and Charitable Donations by InfoLibertarian
  39. Letters to My Father, Post #01 by InfoLibertarian
  40. Liars and Friars by Ryan Tani
  41. Of things concerning rock, paper, scissors, and other weapons by f241vc15
  42. On Religion and Tolerance by pinoyatheist
  43. On the Church’s NFP-only stance: The case of Texas by Twin-Skies
  44. Philippine Historians’ Dilemma: What is Philippine Culture? by justinaquino
  45. Review: Spring Awakening by wes
  46. Sacrifice by igme
  47. Sina B1 at B2: A conversation on contraception by Ryan Tani
  48. Societal Health: the More Heathenly, the More Heavenly by Ryan Tani
  49. Sorry guys, I’m reconverting… by f241vc15
  50. Spare the Rod and SAVE the Child by Ryan Tani
  51. Spiritual Enlightenment by Gerard Baula
  52. The Birds and the Bees and the Hymens and the Mens by Ryan Tani
  53. The Boss by innerminds
  54. The Flaws of Science (?) by Harmless
  55. The Problem with Superstitions. by pinoyatheist
  56. The Theocracy Of Ed Panlilio by Geri Villas
  57. Time and Life by innerminds
  58. Towards healthier skepticism: Correlation does not imply causation by f241vc15
  59. Viral Religion by Archer
  60. We need more Catholics like this… by Twin-Skies
  61. What The Faith — The Baldy, the Babes, and the Bears by Ryan Tani
  62. When Death Hangs Above Your Head by pinoyatheist
  63. Why People Worship Money by innerminds
  64. Why volunteer? by Tania Arpa
  65. Will to be Whole by Sathepine
  66. Would You Like A Secular Philippines? by Benj

Note: A few of them might not be essays, but have been included as entries nontheless. If you have submissions that are not listed, please leave a comment and we will update the list.

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