Announcement: Join the FF Saturnalia Party 2017.

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Tomorrow, August 24, is the final day you and your friends can vote for us at the Globe [email protected] Awards!

The past two weeks, it’s been a close call for both “The One” and “The Advocate” categories, and we need that one, final push to cinch our spot at the top of the polls.

If you have yet to vote, please go to the [email protected] Awards site and vote for us under both “The One” and “The Advocate” categories. We need serious help for both, and all it takes is a few measly mouse clicks. If your friends have yet to vote, physically carry them to a computer and tell them to vote. Worst case scenario, use a pulley.

Winning the awards would be a tremendous thing not only for the members of our organization, but for the state of reason, science, and secularism in the Philippines. We have so many things in store for you all in the near future, and bagging the top prizes will most definitely ensure that our plans come to fruition.

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