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Mourning Orlando | FF Podcast

Mourning Orlando | FF Podcast

This week, we have Sharmila Parmanand and Leloy Claudio to talk about the massacre in Orlando that targeted an LGBT club, killing 49 people. We talk about homophobia and how religion and macho society might be its prime drivers.

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Badjao Girl Exploited? | FF Podcast

Badjao Girl Exploited? | FF Podcast

This week we talk about Badjao Girl and Friends. We discuss whether she’s being exploited and how someone’s attractiveness may affect our ability to empathize.


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Duterte Catcalls | FF Podcast

Duterte Catcalls | FF Podcast

This week, Sharmila Parmanand joins us to talk about Duterte’s recent catcalling incident. We talk about freedom of expression and what we should expect from the President of the Philippines.

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Filipino Freethinkers Meetup, Saturday, June 11, 2016

meetup (2)







Venue: Uno Morato, Garden Area GYY Building, #1 Tomas Morato Ave, Quezon City

Waze link:
PWD Friendly? Yes
Date: Saturday, June 11, 2016
Time: 3:00PM – 6:00PM

– Does empathy make you a better person? []
– “Be Yourself” []
– Mariz Umali being catcalled (watch out for the podcast on June 10!)
– Raunchy Topic

After the meetup we usually go for dinner and drinks somewhere nearby. If you’re not a meetup regular and can’t make it for the meetup but would like to go for the post meetup, please indicate on a post in the wall or comment so we can contact you.
Got questions about the meetup? Contact us at 0928 872 0020 / 0920 975 0092

* Newbies are welcome, and admission to the meetup is free. (Note: this does not apply to the food and other activities we may be having)
* Early birds get to play board/video/party games with the group.
* Look for the FF sign (or the group of smart, sexy people).
* There is no required age, religion, philosophy, or IQ level.
* Discussions are informal yet intelligent (most of the time).
* You don’t have to talk; you can just sit in and listen.

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