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Real or Fake: Anti RH Quotes From Batasan

On the second reading of the RH bill in congress, many incredible things were said on the floor of the Batasan in a vain attempt to stop the RH bill. Can you spot which ones were actually said by Congress Representatives and which are just attempts to live up to their crazy?

  1. “Napakaswerte ko dahil nung kinasal ang magulang ko, walang RH law”
  2. “Only God has the right to stop life. A big no to RH bill.”
  3. “The RH bill does not care much about family/marriage but concerned with giving couples safe,satisfying sex life”
  4. “We stand for the yearning that somehow, some higher power binds us to follow the light to goodness, righteousness”
  5. “Without our population, we would not have large remittances. I believe RH bill is not good for our country, our population.”
  6. “Sagot ba ang condom sa taong walang makain ngayon?”
  7. “Our big population makes it so that the Filipino people can give more glory to God. Therefore, no to the RH bill.”
  8. “RH bill directly violates fundamental law of the land, religious freedom; directly assaults Catholic Church”
  9. “Nanaginip po ako kagabi na nagpakita sa akin ang Mahal na Birhen na may dalang isang aborted na fetus. Paano po kung kayo yung fetus na ‘yon? Hindi po pwedeng magka-RH Bill!”
  10. “We don’t play dice with God.”
  11. “There’s something wrong when bill disrespects religious beliefs, reduces to plain argument denial of right to life”
  12. “Who stands to benefit most if this bill is passed? Hindi ko pwede isuko ang aking pagka-Katoliko”
  13. “With the RH Bill, my wife would be so lonely at home without children to take care of.”
  14. “Myth of overpopulation has been debunked.”
  15. “They said that the RH bill is for the women, but that’s not true. The RH bill is for those men who can’t control their urges. It is always the men who want sex, never the women. If husbands will just abstain from sex when they don’t want their wives to get pregnant, there will be no unwanted children. I vote no to the RH bill.”

Highlight below for the answers

1) Rep Unico, 3) Rep. Garcia, 4) Rep. Gullas, 5) Rep. Antonino, 6) Rep. Tiangco, 8) Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, 10) Rep. Javier, 11) Rep. Del Mar, 12) Rep. Mikey Arroyo, 14) Rep. Karlo Nograles

2, 7, 9, 13, 15

Source: ANC report, “#RHBill: How They Voted”