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Southern-Style Freethinking

Filipino Freethinkers in Davao City - June 6, 2012 Meetup


Freethinking 101

We had several newcomers in our latest meetup last Saturday (June 2, 2012) at Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe. FF-Davao founder, Jong Atmosfera, led a short but informative discussion on secularism and freethinking. He reiterated that the focus of freethinking is not so much one’s position (atheist, theist, deist, etc.) but the process at which one arrives there. Thus one need not necessarily be an atheist to be a freethinker. Theoretically, one can believe in god and still be a freethinker as long as he arrives at his conclusion using science, logic and reason. He also stressed that “while we are not promoting atheism, we are promoting a society that is more tolerant of atheists and people of different beliefs.”

Atheism 101

FF-Davao regular Gamahiel “Dodong” Tutor then lived up to his name and gave a short discourse on atheism, recalling his background as a Jehovah’s Witness elder, then dabbling in other religions such as Mormonism and Islam, and then finally cementing his path as an atheist.

Blast 101

After the meetup, some of the members decided that the night was still young and moved to another venue for more drinks, more discussion and more fun. As newcomer Clyde Mante put it, “alcohol + open and informative discussion = blast.”

Join the Fun

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