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Friendly atheists at the AHA

Dave O'Brien and Hemant Mehta

Dave O'Brien and Maggie Ardiente

This morning, our friend and supporter, American atheist Dave O’Brien, sent us some good news:

This weekend I attended the American Humanist Association annual conference in San Jose โ€“quite close to my home. Great conference with good speakers and about 300+ attendees.

Maggie Ardiente is the development director of AHA and her parents are Filipino but she was born in USA (San Diego) and never visited the Philippines. We had been in contact for a while and she is thinking of writing an article on Freethought in the Philippines so I gave her an update and a FF Tee shirt .

I met Hemant Mehta at the conference and gave him an update and Tee shirt and also got Hemant to sign a copy of his book and dedicate it to FF.

Last week Ayaan Hirsi Ali was in Palo Alto giving a talk and I got her to sign a copy of her new book (Nomad) to โ€œfilipino freethinker women.” She was quite interested in the concept of women being active in the movement over there.

Dave is sending us these two books (Hemant’s I Sold My Soul on Ebay and Ayaan’s Nomad — signed!) as well as other literature soon, and it’ll be here in a couple of months.

Maggie, Hemant, Ayaan, and of course, Dave — thanks for all your support!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.