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Membership, Mission and Vision

Pansy_akaI hope this addresses some questions about freethinking and membership on the mailing list.


When you try to use reason and science to reach your own conclusion about something, you are freethinking.

A person can be a freethinker about some things and a superstitious nutjob about others, in the same way that you can speak one language at work and another at home.

Freethinking is this group’s native language.

Some are fluent (logical, better at critical thinking, etc.) Others have bad grammar or a weird accent (pseudoscience, logical fallacies, etc.). But it’s easy to see when someone is speaking a different language.

So anyone can come here. But unless they speak the language, they’ll either leave, learn the language, or have a bad time (and give others a bad time).

Anyway, we’re not a formal group, so membership is informal. You are a member by participating in any way (except praying).

But the more active members do have some goals, and if there’s some way you can help, please let us know. Enjoy your stay.


Long-term: Freethinkers can live in a Philippines free from all forms of violence, discrimination, and prejudice, their rights and freedoms fully protected by a government in which their opinions are fairly and adequately represented.

Short-term: Freethinkers can easily get in touch with fellow freethinkers to enjoy online and offline activities wherever they live and whatever their cultural or socioeconomic background.


  1. PROMOTION: Promote freethought, science, and reason online (websites, blogs, wikis, and forums) and offline (magazine, radio, and TV) with a positive, non-adversarial approach.
  2. PUBLISHING: Publish materials for freethinkers such as newsletters (monthly), magazines (quarterly), and books (yearly).
  3. EDUCATION: Create a freethought library where freethinkers can donate, lend, and borrow books, movies, and other freethought media.
  4. EVENTS: Sponsor and organize events for freethinkers such as meetups, forums, talks, workshops, and film showings.
  5. FINANCE: Raise money for the above purposes through donations, grants, membership fees (maybe when we’re formal), and merchandise sales.

If you have comments about our mission and vision, please join the discussion on our forum.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.