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Our new logo: What do you think?

We’re almost a year old, and when we reach that age we want everything about us to look as cool as possible (You know, cos it doesn’t help when they judge us only by what we say 😉 ) For this reason we’re updating our look.

But before we get to giving our website the makeover it deserves (it’s more than just a meetup announcement site now, thank you very much), we began with the soul of our look: the logo.

click to view full size

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It’s in the final stages of polishing, but before we make it official, we wanted to hear what you thought about it:

  1. Can you read it?
  2. Does it look good?
  3. Does it capture the essence of being a Filipino Freethinker?

Your comments and insights are appreciated. (Bonus question: Can you figure out all the symbolism we crammed into that thing? Hint: There’s more meaning in there than the Bible!)

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.