Excommunicate Me!

UPDATE: Online reservation is now closed. Walk-ins are welcome, but seats are no longer guaranteed.

Excommunicate Me! Poster

Excommunicate Me!

The CBCP threatens politicians who support the RH bill with excommunication. But our representatives are not backing down. To ensure the passage of the bill, they are willing to risk being excommunicated.

So are we.

On November 26, 6pm, we’re throwing an excommunication party to celebrate our freedom to choose what’s best for our own bodies. Join us at Adarna Food and Culture for an evening of dinner and entertainment as we take a stand for secularism and call for the immediate passage of the RH bill.

Together with the various individuals and organizations that support the RH Bill, let us each declare:

“If supporting the RH bill means excommunication, then excommunicate me!”

Facebook Event Page: Excommunication Party

Event Map: http://j.mp/ExCommMap

Excommunicate Me! Ticket Poster

UPDATE: There have been comments about our decision to sell tickets. This is the first time we’re selling tickets for an FF event. The previous events — forums, film festival, meetups — were all free. We want to spread freethought to as many as possible, and this event is no different.

We planned to make this event fr…ee as well, but couldn’t raise enough money to pay for the expenses — food, equipment rental, logistics, etc.

Which is why we decided to sell tickets. But here’s the thing: Even if every ticket were bought, we’d still be short on funds. The balance will be paid for by donations from several members of FF. In case it isn’t clear: We won’t make a cent from this event.

For those who can’t attend this party because of the tickets, rest assured that there will be another one, and that one will be free of charge. We’d tell you more details, but we’re busy working on the upcoming event — which is only a week away! 🙂